The White Brothers

Contemporary Romance Boxset

Baby for the Billionaire Doctor

A billionaire doctor, a runaway bride, and a Hawaiian sunset—what could go wrong?

I left behind more than a city when I fled New York.
I was escaping an engagement to a man whose infidelity shattered my trust in love.
But fate has other plans when I stumble into a fantasy with Derek, the heart-stopping surgeon.
He is a man with a guarded heart, and I’ve sworn off love.
Or so I thought.
Our arrangement is a simple charade to appease his mother and a chance for me to have fun while hiding from my past.
But the make-believe kisses on the sandy beaches are starting to feel so real.
His touch sends shivers down my spine, and his smile promises adventures I’ve never dared to dream of.
He thinks we’re just acting, but every look and touch draws me closer to the edge.
Making me forget my new vow of celibacy.
Then reality strikes with two pink lines and a revelation that changes everything.
Our built-on-sand love is about to crumble under the weight of truth.

Bossy Blind Date

What happens when a boardroom deal ignites into a sizzling make-out session?

I hadn’t planned to be sitting across the table from the man I had an unforgettable night with.
Yet, there he is, telling me he is the one who can give me the best deal.

Excuse me?
I have the best deal, take it, or leave it.

He is taking my deal alright… but he’s proposing something more.
My "take it or leave it" stance crumbles as he insists on a different kind of agreement.

The one I can't refuse.
And I'm about to break my rule of not mixing business with pleasure.

Soon, our flirtatious glances and elevator kisses aren’t enough anymore.
I can’t seem to be able to keep my panties on around him.
I need to stop before things get complicated.

But I fear he’s already obsessed with me…

The Deal and The Love

He is the one man my body aches for and the one I mustn't desire.

It all started as a deal to get him to hire me in exchange for referrals for my business.
He's the grumpiest billionaire I would ever meet, or so I’m told.
But I wasn't prepared for his charm or his dreamy blue eyes.
Executing the deal is soon the least of my problems.
I could not get him out of my mind from the moment we kissed.
He made me forget even the tiniest detail of the plan.
Now I must do the job or risk exposing my secret.
He has a past that would make him never trust me.
And I may end up losing both his love and my business.

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