Knocked Me Up

A Contemporary Romance Boxser

Knocked Up By My Ex's Rival

A jilted bride, a warm body, and a baby by my ex’s rival.

I had a simple plan: move back to my hometown, get back on the ice, and forget about the past.
I was on track until Milo Dixon showed up.
My hometown NHL star, a mouthwatering playboy, and a jerk of a man.
Trying to steal my ice time while he’s on suspension for an illegal hit.
Good luck, Dixon.
I’m not one to back down from a rivalry, and he’s not one to lose.
But what happens when trapped with him in a snowstorm?
Snowed in, power out, with a need to huddle together for warmth.
Turns out Milo has a plan of his own.
He wants to make me his.
Own me.
What’s even worse?
I want him too.
If only till the end of his suspension…or so I thought.
Now I’m staring at two pink lines on a stick.
And my past is back to haunt me.

Doctor Baby Daddy

One visit to the doctor’s office brings me face-to-face with my child’s father.

Four years ago, I had a one-night stand and lost my v-card to a stranger.
Never expecting to see him again but he's back.
And all the feelings come rushing back.
But I must avoid him and hold tight to my secret… that is proving to be difficult.
Every time we are alone, we can’t keep our hands off each other.
Leading to another unforgettable night burning up the sheet.
He knows how to treat my body to undeniable pleasure.
I’m falling hard for him.
But his dark past could ruin everything I want.
And now I must figure out how to tell him he’s a father.

Next-Door Daddy

My hot prick-next-door neighbor has no clue that he knocked me up.

We hated each other that first weekend he moved in.
Cocky. Obnoxious. Annoyingly attractive. My new nemesis.
Revving up a lawn mower at 7am on a Saturday? Really?
And he had the nerve to try and man-splain to me how to run my life.
Excuse me? I’m a lawyer and fully capable of taking care of myself.
Things got worse on Monday morning when I met my new co-worker.
It was him.
My maddeningly hot neighbor is now my officemate.
I knew I needed to hold strong to my boundaries.
Not let him get under my skin.
Until one night I let my guard down.
Laughs over drinks turned into moans under his sheets.
“Let loose,” he said.
“It’ll be fun,” he said.
Now I’m staring at a little pink plus sign on a stick.
Chris has no idea he’s now a daddy.
Or that I secretly know we’re destined to be together.
But I’m terrified he might have different plans…

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