Bossy Blind Date

An Office Romance

What happens when a boardroom deal ignites into a sizzling make-out session?

I hadn’t planned to be sitting across the table from the man I had an unforgettable night with.

Yet, there he is, telling me he is the one who can give me the best deal.

Excuse me?

I have the best deal, take it, or leave it.

He is taking my deal alright… but he’s proposing something more.

My "take it or leave it" stance crumbles as he insists on a different kind of agreement.

The one I can't refuse.

And I'm about to break my rule of not mixing business with pleasure.

Soon, our flirtatious glances and elevator kisses aren’t enough anymore.

I can’t seem to be able to keep my panties on around him.

I need to stop before things get complicated.

But I fear he’s already obsessed with me…



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A modern Love story that will captures your heart and captivate you from start to finish...,

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