Bonus Epilogue: Baby for the Billionaire Doctor

Friends to Lovers Surprise Pregnancy Romance


“Surprise!” the crowd at the beach chorused once the silk scarf tied around my eyes was finally removed. A wide grin spread across my lips as I took in the excited faces of everyone gathered.

Right in front of me was everyone I loved. My parents, Derek’s brothers, and their entire family…My little angel Jamie perched on her grandma’s arm with the silliest grin that showed her pearly teeth.

The excitement drawn into their faces was enough to race my pulse rapidly. The gentle embrace of the sea breeze and the shadowing glow of the sun on the horizon make the moment even more peaceful.

I hadn’t seen Derek’s family since their last visit to New York for Jamie’s birthday. Derek and I moved into our new home in Montclair, where Derek had started his own private practice and a kids' cancer center where his brother was a huge donor. The house was a seven-thousand-square-foot mansion with six bedrooms and an apartment over the garage.

Yes, we went a bit crazy when house shopping because we wanted the most quiet and serene environment for our family. Living with him and our daughter this past year has been the best time of my life.

“Oh…” I exclaimed, framing both hands around my mouth as a breathless chuckle left my lips. “Derek,” I called out again, tears brimming in my eyes as I took in the cheery look on everyone’s face.

Tonight was special. We were back where it all began—the lovely beach resort where I found myself again. And the love of my life.

“Happy birthday, Jillian,” my best friend Alison said first and stepped forward with the six-inch cake in her hand. She aimed for my lips, and I leaned down to blow out the candles.

“Thank you.” Tears brimmed in my eyes as I went in for a side hug.

Jess and Lexi came forward next, arms spread out wide like they wanted to envelope me in a bear hug. Their warmth seeped into me, and the trickles of more laughter eased out of me.

“When you told me we were going back to Hawaii for my birthday, I didn’t think everyone would be here.”

“It was a surprise,” Derek said with a gleam in his eyes, and I moved closer to him for a sweet kiss that made my skin prickly with heat. His lips grazed over mine to the corner of my mouth before he added. “And the night’s just begun.”

Derek’s mom and her husband, Tyler, hugged me before we all headed to the table close to the beach. Slow violin and guitar music filled the air from the two-piece band Derek had hired to play.

“Mommy,” Jamie called, bedazzling me with a smile as she flung her arms around my neck when I bent down to pick her up and onto my lap. She wore a vibrant pink dress with ribbons tied around her hair and pearl earrings that matched her tiny wrist bangles.

Jamie was to spend the summer with her grandparents in Jacksonville, while Derek and I enjoyed the summer in Hawaii. The place where we fell in love. But he had all of this planned out already from the start.

“Tell me about the new book,” Lexi was saying as light conversation erupted around the table. My parents spoke with Derek’s mom in hushed tones, they seemed engrossed in whatever discussions about Rome they were having, and the girls, Lexi and Jess, were more intent on hearing me talk about the characters of my latest release.

“Does he get the girl in the end? After years of writing all those letters?” Lexi asked with another excited squeal.

“Yes, but…” I gave a little spoiler because I liked her excitement, then joined in her laugh when she pouted a little at the insight I gave.

“That’s all I get? Come on.”

“Wait for the release,” I countered with a wink, then picked up my glass of virgin margarita and sipped from it.

“Loving your birthday dinner?” Derek murmured close to my ear some seconds later, and I nodded quickly, leaning close to him so I could kiss his neck.

“You’ll pay for lying to me, though. I thought our kid was spending the summer with your mom in Florida, but they were all here.”

“How exactly would you make me pay?” he drilled in a sotto tone that always sent a shiver up my spine.

“You’ll see,” I replied, hinting at my mischief while keeping my plans to myself. Derek wasn’t the only one with tricks up his sleeves. Knowing we were spending the week here in Hawaii, Alison and I had gone lingerie shopping the day before.

I had two surprises for him. One involved red lacy thongs and whipped cream, while the other…Well, the other was also a fulfilling surprise.

My right hand spread out over my stomach as I muffled my chuckle. I couldn’t wait until we got alone to ourselves so I could give him the good news. I’ve carried the ultrasound image with me for a few days now, waiting for the right moment to surprise Derek with it.

The light chatter around the dinner table caught my attention again. There was music, laughter, and lights, a display of vegetable skewers and fresh salad alongside our platter of seafood.

 Time flowed by as if it meant nothing to these folks. When dessert finally arrived, Derek stepped away from the table to take a call. He returned and leaned close to me for a second, then whispered. “That was work, sorry. There’s this patient a resident needed my input on.”

“Is it an emergency?” I whispered, and he kissed the side of my mouth before shaking his head.

“Don’t worry about it.” He winked at me, and I caught a smile on my parent’s lips when I glanced away from him.

He focused on his meal again, and soon it was time for dessert.

Everyone at the table fell quiet except for Brady and me, and I didn’t notice the waiter standing next to my side of the table till Jess tipped her head to one side, signaling me.

The man grinned widely as he lowered the golden serving bowl in his hand and opened it. In there lay a card with the cover page image of my latest novel, Letters to My Secret Heart, as its design.

“What’s going on?” I asked, noticing how everyone’s eyes stayed pinned on me as I picked up the card and flipped it open. The first sentence neatly scribbled down on it just as it was in my book tore a light gasp from my lips.

Dear Reader,

Today I met the woman I would spend the rest of my life with.

Derek began reciting the exact words written in the card as I slowly rose to my feet, and I turned sideways to find him on his knees, his eyes brightened with tears as he reached deep into his coat’s pocket for a tiny jewelry box.

“At first she was no one, then she was everything. Every dream, every desire, every hope,” he continued as he slowly opened the box. I caught a glimpse of the shiny diamond ring in there, and another gasp left my lips.

This time tears slid down my cheeks, and I lowered myself to the ground in front of him, taking his hands as the tears blurred my vision.

“I fell in love with you right here on this beach,” he continued.

“I did too, Derek…I love you,” I murmured faintly, tossing the card to the table so I could give him my hand when he took out the ring.

“And I want to spend the rest of our lives loving you. We’d write letters every day and fall in love with each other every day. It’d be magic, just like in your books.”

“Say yes, Mommy,” Jamie yelled then and jerked off her grandmom’s lap with speed. She bounced on her feet, clapped both hands, and made everyone else cheer with her.

“Yes, yes. I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” I finally blurted, and Derek slid the ring onto my finger before we inched closer for the perfect kiss that stole my breath away. His lips moved over mine tenderly, stroking and teasing. When we parted there, the music resumed, and Derek helped me to my feet before we picked up our glasses and clinked.

“To the future,” he toasted, then drew me close for a hug.

“To the future,” my family chorused, and we celebrated the rest of the night in grand style. It was the best birthday dinner ever, and I had Derek to thank for that.



I had eyes only for Derek as I walked down the long aisle at the church of San Luigi dei Francesi on our wedding day two months later.

It was also my first time in Rome, and just as I had always dreamed about, I was walking down a historic site, excited to meet the man I would spend the rest of my life with.

The Baroque-style walls provided an intimate feeling. The paintings on the wall gave an insight into the great history here, and being here in person, walking down the aisle to meet the man of my heart, was more than a dream come true.

Derek straightened the hem of his tux and whispered something to his brother Brady who stood behind him. He smoothed his hands down his black hair, sleeking them to the back as if readying himself, then he flashed me a grin that made his eyes dance.

“Scared?” my dad asked as he adjusted my hand hooked in his. The tingle rushing down my spine wasn’t fear, but it was much more than anticipation. It was joy too.

“Yes,” I answered, sucking in a deep breath as we neared the altar.

“It’s good to be scared. Love scary…But it’s worth it and you, my sweetheart, deserve the chance to experience it.”

When we reached the altar, he kissed my cheek before slowly handing my hand over to Derek. “You take good care of her, son.”

“You bet I will.”

Derek flashed me a lop-sided grin when we faced the priest, and I couldn’t tear my eyes off his as I waited, holding my breath while the short sermon of our union began.

“Do you, Jillian Walker, take Derek White to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and to cherish in good times and in bad, till death do…”

“I do,” I blurted before the priest could finish his question.

The congregation burst into a loud bubble of rash mirth, and I sucked in a deep breath before glancing to see them watching us eagerly. Jamie sat in the front row with my parents, Brady and Lucas had their daughters with them, and Helena held Tyler’s hand tight in hers.

Knowing this was the start of an adventure had my heart racing faster than it ever had.

“You’ve got to let the priest finish first,” Derek teased. His laughter was infectious, and it drew me in like a warm embrace, igniting a wildfire in the deepest parts of my soul.

I pressed my lips into a smile before he took both my hands again and held them tight in his.  Derek waited till the priest was done with his question this time before he answered, “I do.”

We stared deep into each other’s eyes, and I fell in love with him all over again. As the priest invited us to share our vows, and after I completed mine, Derek took his turn. He made me smile by first lifting my hands to his lips for a gentle kiss. “I’m going to spend the rest of my life dedicated to loving you and our baby,” he vowed. Then, leaning closer, he added in a bare whisper, “And our baby boy.”

“It’s a girl,” I countered in the same tone, and the light in his eyes sparked another bubbly laugh from me.

Derek finally made his move after the priest pronounced us married, and I edged forward too, beaming up at him till his lips finally closed down on mine and sealed the promise of our love.

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