Baby for the Billionaire Doctor

A Friends to Lovers Surprise Pregnancy Romance

A billionaire doctor, a runaway bride, and a Hawaiian sunset—what could go wrong?

I left behind more than a city when I fled New York.
I was escaping an engagement to a man whose infidelity shattered my trust in love.
But fate has other plans when I stumble into a fantasy with Derek, the heart-stopping surgeon.
He is a man with a guarded heart, and I’ve sworn off love.
Or so I thought.
Our arrangement is a simple charade to appease his mother and a chance for me to have fun while hiding from my past.
But the make-believe kisses on the sandy beaches are starting to feel so real.
His touch sends shivers down my spine, and his smile promises adventures I’ve never dared to dream of.
He thinks we’re just acting, but every look and touch draws me closer to the edge.
Making me forget my new vow of celibacy.
Then reality strikes with two pink lines and a revelation that changes everything.
Our built-on-sand love is about to crumble under the weight of truth.

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A modern Love story that will captures your heart and captivate you from start to finish...,

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